Design/Build Nutrition Care Directorates US Army Medical Command - Multiple Locations

Welcome to the new generation of dining facility design for the Army Medical Department. This Project was to upgrade Nutrition Care Directorates located at Fort Campbell, KY (20,073 SF); Fort Carson, CO (18,500 SF); Fort Eustis, VA (9,900 SF); Fort Hood, TX (23,500 SF); and Fort Sill, OK (13, 400 SF). This new design isn’t just a contemporary and inviting atmosphere, it is a place where Soldiers, staff, guests and patients come to replenish their energy with great tasting, freshly prepared foods. A place where they select and learn about foods that make them feel good, recover faster, perform optimally and improve upon overall daily well being.

Every Soldier and guest deserves to have a variety of food choices, wholesome ingredients and foods that are mostly made to order. The “Making it Fresh” facility incorporates the latest in food technology and kitchen equipment and brings the food preparation from behind the serving area to center stage right inside the food station and in full view of the customer.

The motto "Making it Fresh – Your Choice for Performance" – emphasizes Army Medicine’s vision to apply the latest scientific knowledge of nutrition as it affects healing, athleticism, cognitive alertness and disease prevention and combine it with culinary skill and flair; and health education to create a dining experience that reaches far beyond any Soldier or other guest’s expectation.

This is not your normal Mess Hall from the past.

Global LLC has developed 12 different food concepts from which to choose in this facility design. Each concept stands alone as a complete, quick service operation. The menus are designed by certified chefs and all recipes and individually packed items meet the nutrition standards established by a whole team of Army dietitians who have extensive training and knowledge in foodservice, sports nutrition and clinical nutrition for healing and disease prevention. These menu standards are currently being established throughout the Army as the predominant standard for feeding Warfighters.

Global Engineering & Construction, LLC has completed the modernization of the Nutrition Care Directorates facilities at the following locations:

  • McDonald Army Health Center, Fort Eustis, Virginia (9,900 SF)
  • Carl R Darnall Army Medical Center, Fort Hood, Texas (23,500 SF)

These projects involved the removal/abatement of all existing hazardous materials, interior finishes, plumbing and mechanical systems and electrical systems, kitchen equipment and furniture throughout the existing Nutrition Care Directorates, including, but not limited to, the existing dining area, kitchen, servery, kiosk, storage areas, walk-in freezers and refrigerators and NCD offices. All locations require constructing temporary food service areas during the renovation process. 

McDonald AHC Ft. Eustis NCD

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Carl R Darnall ACH; Ft. Hood, TX

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